A staircase with geometrical patterns, designer or location unknown. NOTE: Please let us know, if you have more information of this location and we´ll add it on the post! Photo by Paul Hoogeveen on Flickr (alias PaulHoo). / Flickr

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"We know what we want, and we don’t mind being alone."

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 #’burn brighter allison’ #they told her #and she scorched the earth    

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We’re here to save a life, not end one.

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Wayne Thiebaud, Farm Channel, 1996

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A vivid display of Turkmenistan’s huge gas reserves is the Darvaza gas crater. In the 1970s, Soviet engineers accidentally collapsed this cavern about 260 km north of Ashgabat, while exploring for gas in the Karakum Desert. The escaping methane was lit, intending to quickly burn it off and avoid poisoning nearby villages, but it has continued burning ever since. Photo by Amos Chapple.

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"I don’t know what happened. I was so sure.”

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